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Coyote Circle Studio is based on the desire to provide musicians with an affordable way to create a high quality recording. In our modern musical reality, it's become easier and easier for everyone to be able to commit sounds to a digital environment. However, many musicians still find themselves without the needed space, channels, microphones, cables, or some other element to be able to fully realize their ideas.

What we offer is a modest but well stocked studio, filled with quality vintage and modern gear, and a caring and attentive engineer, to help create any sound imaginable, without requiring a large budget. All you have to do is show up with an idea and we'll help you make it real.

We believe there are a number of cheap options to make a mid quality product on your own, and a number of higher budget options for making an incredibly high quality product at some excellent studios in the area. We're not competing with either of those. We aim to fill the gap between the two extremes. We hope to assist the artist who doesn't want to engineer for themselves at home, but doesn't want to make the move to, or doesn't need the facilities of, a larger and more expensive studio. The studio can comfortably accommodate ensembles of up to four or five people, depending on setup needs.

The studio is located in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, thirty minutes from Golden, or just under an hour from Denver or Boulder. It sits on a mountainside looking out upon the high peaks of the Continental Divide. It's well removed from the noise and distractions of the city, yet conveniently close to the "real" world.

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