Live Sound Contract

We have a few standard requirements to be met for us to take a gig.
Please read thoroughly and carefully.
We want to be able to serve you to the best of our abilities,
and we want you to feel satisfied with the experience.
Thorough communication and careful preplanning will usually eliminate most common sources of confusion,
and help you to avoid incurring any additional costs.

1) Handicapped access/ close in parking - most of our gear is big and heavy, a lot of it on wheels. We need to be able to park close and roll items in. No steps, no carrying across grass fields, no faraway parking. Most of our gear is dangerous for one person to try to handle up and down stairs or across rough terrain. If we show up and have not been notified of load in difficulties in advance so that we can bring help and/or necessary equipment, and no dedicated, capable help has been arranged by buyer for load in and load out, we don't load in, and any deposit is forfeited. If you couldn't safely roll your beloved Grandma in her wheelchair through the load in, don't expect us to do it with our gear.

2) We require a lot of power - There needs to be quality power no farther than 20 feet from the performance. We bring a lot of extension cords, but they are intended for short runs (25 feet or less). If extension cords are provided by buyer, they must be minimum 12 gauge, professional quality capable of providing 20-30 amps each. There must be power available at the mixing station, and sufficient power on stage for speakers and monitors. We can provide our own long runs for an extra charge, depending on length and quantity. We also only bring cabling for our gear. We do not provide extensions, outlets, power strips, or any other power access for band, lighting, other production, etc.

3) It takes time to set up the pa - we usually need around 2-3 hours before soundcheck to have rig “A” ready, and around 1-3 hours to have rig “B” ready, depending on stage, input, and monitor requirements. Please plan on getting us full, unobstructed access to the performance space for at least that amount of time.

4) Outdoor shows - we (and our gear) need coverage, rain or shine. Between heat and uv exposure, sun is not good for gear, and rain shouldn't need to be explained. Any outdoor gig must include complete coverage from sun, wind, and rain for the entire stage and front speakers, as well as the soundboard/ mix area. We can provide our own coverage for the soundboard area for an extra $30. If we haven't been told to bring coverage, and adequate coverage isn't in place at the venue, we don't set up. Also, the setup for the stage and the soundboard area both need to be on dry level ground. For the soundboard area we would prefer a solid surface (wood, cement, etc, not grass or dirt), about 8 feet by 8 feet. Ideally elevated a few inches above ground but the area must be flat regardless.

5) The business is based in Black Hawk, Colorado 80422 - any gigs within 25 miles each way (50 mile round trip) are considered "local". Any further driving/ travel needs to be added into the price of the gig, at a rate of $1.00 per extra mile.

 If all that sounds good, click here to download the contract.

Live Recording

We are pleased to announce that we are adding the service of mobile digital multitrack recording. We can do anything from a simple two track room or board feed, up to twenty four discreet sends.

We use a Focusrite Saffire Pro 26 for our front end, and record into Cakewalk X1 Producer edition. This allows us to record at above cd quality with the ability to go back and edit and mix later.


This service, especially for higher track counts, will sometimes require a second engineer.
Contact us for an estimate.


RIG D: Good for small ensembles, open mics, speaking engagements
Capable of 4 XLR/TRS + 4 stereo inputs, 2 aux sends

Mackie 1202

Powered Mains (2)

None are included in this base price (Add monitors at $40ea)


Start price for four hour show $150 for indoor/ $250 for outdoor (Additional time and holidays are an extra charge) - Inquire for a bid


Click here for Live Sound Contract and info

Live Sound Gear List

Here’s a fairly comprehensive list of the gear we have to work with:


  • Soundcraft Spirit LX7 32:4:3 (1)
  • Soundcraft 400B 20 channel board (undergoing restoration) (1)
  • Mackie 1604VLZPRO 16:4:2 -aux 3&4 modded to prefader (1)
  • Mackie CFX12 12:4:1 12 channel compact integrated live sound mixer (1)
  • Mackie Micro Series 1202 12 channel mic/ line mixer (1)
  • Mackie SR24-4VLZPRO 24 channel board (undergoing restoration) (1)


Outboard Gear

  • ART HD-31 - 31 band graphic eq (2)
  • Audio Logic 266 - 2 channel compressor/ limiter/ gate (1)
  • Behringer Autocom MDX1200 - 2 channel compressor/ gate (1)
  • Behringer DEQ2496 - 2 channeldigital eq/ compressor/ limiter/ speaker management (2)
  • Behringer DSP1124PFeedback Destroyer Pro - 2 channel feedback surpressor(1)
  • Behringer Multicom Pro MDX4400 -4 channel compressor/ limiter (1)
  • Behringer UltrCurve DSP8000 2 channel digital eq (1)
  • Behringer Ultragraph Pro GEQ3102 -2 channel 31 band graphic eq (2)
  • dbx 166A - 2 channel compressor/ limiter (1)
  • dbx 166xl - 2 channel compressor/ gate/ limiter (1)
  • dbx 266xl - 2 channel compressor/ gate (3)
  • dbx 1066 - 2 channel compressor/ limiter/ gate (1)
  • dbx AFS 224 - dual advanced feedback surpression (1)
  • dbx ProVocal digital vocal processor (1)
  • Digitech DSP129 - digital signal processor (1)
  • Digitech DSP16 - effects processor (1)
  • DOD R-431 - 31 band graphic eq (1)
  • Lexicon MPX100 - dual channel effects processor (1)
  • Rane AC22 active crossover (1)
  • Rane ME30 -30 band graphic eq (2)



  • Custom 22x6 50 foot snake(1)
  • Horizon Concert Series 24x4 75 foot snake(1)
  • Hosa 8 channel 25 foot XLR sub snake (1)
  • Seismic Audio SAPX 8x4 30 foot snake (1)


Speakers / Amplifiers:

  • Bag End TA-12 passive,1x12 + horn, wood wedge (1)
  • EV FM12C passive, 12” coaxial, molded wedge (2)
  • EV S1202ER passive, 1x12 + horn, wooden box (2)
  • JBL 46710K passive 1x15 + horn, wooden box (1)
  • JBL EON 15 P-1 powered speakers, 1x15 + horn, molded box (2)
  • JBL JRX118SP powered subwoofer, 1x18, wooden box (2)
  • JBL PRX512M powered speakers, 1x12 + horn, wooden box (2)
  • Peavey 115HS passive, 1x15 + horn, wood wedge (1)
  • QSC HPR152F powered speakers, 1x15 + horn, wooden box (2)
  • QSC HPR151W powered subwoofer, 1x15, wooden box (2)
  • QSC K10 powered speaker 1x10 + horn, molded box (1)
  • Yamaha S12ME passive, 1x12 + horn, wood wedge (2)
  • Carver PM300 power amp (1)
  • Carver PT2400 power amp (1)
  • EV 7300 power amp (2)
  • QSC RMX850 power amp (2)



  • AKG C518 miniature cardioid condenser clamp-on (2)
  • AKG C580 gooseneck condenser (1)
  • AKG D40 cardioid dynamic (2)
  • AKG D8000S dynamic hypercardioid (1)
  • Audio-Technica PRO 6 cardioid dynamic (1)
  • Audix f10 cardioid dynamic (2)
  • Audix f12 cardioid dynamic (1)
  • Audix f15 small diaphragm cardioid condenser (2)
  • Audix f90 mini gooseneck cardioid condenser clamp-on (2)
  • Audix D3 cardioid dynamic (1)
  • Beyerdynamic MPC65 semi-cardioid boundary mic (1)
  • Blue Ball phantom powered cardioid dynamic (1)
  • Blue Encore 200 phantom powered cardioid dynamic (1)
  • CAD NDM10 cardioid dynamic (2)
  • CAD TM 211 cardioid dynamic (1)
  • Carvin CMBD1 dynamic (1)
  • Carvin CMST1 dynamic (2)
  • MXL 2001 large diaphragm condenser (1)
  • MXL 990 small diaphragm cardioid condenser (1)
  • MXL 991 small diaphragm cardioid condenser (1)
  • OSP DT610 dynamic cardioid (1)
  • OSP DT320 cardioid dynamic (4)
  • OSP CL-650 small diaphragm cardioid condenser (2)
  • RODE NT5 small diaphragm condenser (2)
  • Sennheiser e609 supercardioid dynamic (1)
  • Shure SM57 cardioid dynamic (6)
  • Shure SM58 cardioid dynamic (6)
  • Shure Beta58 supercardioid dynamic (1)
  • Shure Beta58a supercardioid dynamic (1)
  • Shure Beta91 cardioid dynamic (1)
  • Shure PG52 cardioid dynamic (1)
  • Shure 55SH series II cardioid dynamic (1)
  • Shure 561 omnidirectional dynamic (3)
  • Samson CO1 large diaphragm cardioid condenser (1)
  • Samson S11 cardioid dynamic (2) 


Extras / Accessories:

  • Baggs Para DI active direct box (1)
  • Horizon Straightline passive direct box (1)
  • Livewire PDI passive direct box (2)
  • Livewire SPDI passive direct box w/ pad (1)
  • PreSonus TubePre active preamp/ direct box (1)
  • Rane RDB104 - quad active direct box (1)
  • Rolls Matchbox DB25 passive direct box (2)
  • Whirlwind Medusa 6 channel transformer based splitter (1)


RIG C: Good for small to medium sized bands
Capable of 8 XLR/TRS + 2 stereo inputs, 2 monitor sends

Mackie CFX12 12 channel board with onboard effects (1)

Powered Mains (2)

Two monitors with separate mixes and eq’s


Start price for four hour show $175 for indoor/ $275 for outdoor (Additional time and holidays are an extra charge) - Inquire for a bid

Click here for Live Sound Contract and info

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