Live Sound Contract

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We have a few standard requirements to be met for us to take a gig.
Please read thoroughly and carefully.
We want to be able to serve you to the best of our abilities,
and we want you to feel satisfied with the experience.
Thorough communication and careful preplanning will usually eliminate most common sources of confusion,
and help you to avoid incurring any additional costs.

1) Handicapped access/ close in parking - most of our gear is big and heavy, a lot of it on wheels. We need to be able to park close and roll items in. No steps, no carrying across grass fields, no faraway parking. Most of our gear is dangerous for one person to try to handle up and down stairs or across rough terrain. If we show up and have not been notified of load in difficulties in advance so that we can bring help and/or necessary equipment, and no dedicated, capable help has been arranged by buyer for load in and load out, we don't load in, and any deposit is forfeited. If you couldn't safely roll your beloved Grandma in her wheelchair through the load in, don't expect us to do it with our gear.

2) We require a lot of power - There needs to be quality power no farther than 20 feet from the performance. We bring a lot of extension cords, but they are intended for short runs (25 feet or less). If extension cords are provided by buyer, they must be minimum 12 gauge, professional quality capable of providing 20-30 amps each. There must be power available at the mixing station, and sufficient power on stage for speakers and monitors. We can provide our own long runs for an extra charge, depending on length and quantity. We also only bring cabling for our gear. We do not provide extensions, outlets, power strips, or any other power access for band, lighting, other production, etc.

3) It takes time to set up the pa - we usually need around 2-3 hours before soundcheck to have rig “A” ready, and around 1-3 hours to have rig “B” ready, depending on stage, input, and monitor requirements. Please plan on getting us full, unobstructed access to the performance space for at least that amount of time.

4) Outdoor shows - we (and our gear) need coverage, rain or shine. Between heat and uv exposure, sun is not good for gear, and rain shouldn't need to be explained. Any outdoor gig must include complete coverage from sun, wind, and rain for the entire stage and front speakers, as well as the soundboard/ mix area. We can provide our own coverage for the soundboard area for an extra $30. If we haven't been told to bring coverage, and adequate coverage isn't in place at the venue, we don't set up. Also, the setup for the stage and the soundboard area both need to be on dry level ground. For the soundboard area we would prefer a solid surface (wood, cement, etc, not grass or dirt), about 8 feet by 8 feet. Ideally elevated a few inches above ground but the area must be flat regardless.

5) The business is based in Black Hawk, Colorado 80422 - any gigs within 25 miles each way (50 mile round trip) are considered "local". Any further driving/ travel needs to be added into the price of the gig, at a rate of $1.00 per extra mile.

 If all that sounds good, click here to download the contract.

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