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We offer a variety of live sound rigs that represent the very best in small to medium sized live sound reinforcement. Each rig starts with a basic package, and can be custom tailored for your specific needs.

The price includes all listed gear and one engineer for a normal 4-5 hour performance, with standard load-in and setup requirements.

Please Note: We are not a gear rental company. We do not provide systems without an engineer. All packages are to be operated by our engineers only unless arranged in advance.


Other services, special circumstances*, extra crew, and extra gear can be negotiated on a per gig basis.

For larger gigs, we have the ability to lease/borrow/acquire just about anything you might want or need, so don’t be afraid to ask.

---- If you’re interested in hiring us, please take a look at our Live Sound Contract ----


Here is a list of the rigs we offer. Click on the listing for a detailed description...

 RIG “A”

Good for small festivals, large bands, theaters - STARTING AT $250 per show

 RIG “B”

Good for medium sized bands, clubs, bars, very small theaters - STARTING AT $150 per show

RIG “C” 

Good for small to medium sized bands - STARTING AT $100 per show

 RIG “D” 

Good for small ensembles, open mics, speaking engagements - STARTING AT $75 per show


We look forward to serving you.


* Special circumstances include, but are not limited to:

  • Difficult or unusual load-ins
  • Holidays/ special events
  • Outdoor gigs/ weather conditions
  • Available power
  • Driving distance
  • Added time necessary for special functions (i.e. setup before a reception and then wait for two to three hours until services needed)
  • Multi-band setups
  • Extra long/ late night hours
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