About Us

Coyote Circle Studio and Sound has been providing quality live and studio sound production since our founding in 2007.

It is our mission to help Front Range performers create an exceptional product for a reasonable price. We approach this goal with a caring attentiveness, bringing a high quality audio experience, allowing the artists to concentrate on their performance.

All of our engineers are also musicians and performers, so we bring an artistic understanding along with our technical expertise.

We believe good sound, live or in studio, is about more than plugging things in and calling it good. We try to assist the artist in reaching a space wherein they can realize the potential of their unique vision. We’ve mixed everything from solo performers to big bands, everywhere from small coffee shops to huge multi-stage festivals, and one thing never changes: the less the performer has to worry about good sound, the better they can play. We aim to be that support staff for you so that you can concentrate on what is most important: delivering your best performance.

The main office and studio is located in beautiful Gilpin County, Colorado, near the town of Black Hawk. We serve the Peak to Peak region from Idaho Springs to Nederland, and the front range Denver/Boulder area. We also serve the Summit County and ski country area along the I-70 corridor including Dillon, Frisco, Keystone, and Breckenridge.


Our Staff of Engineers:

Michael Nuzum has served as Coyote Circle Studio / Coyote Circle Sound’s lead engineer and tech manager since 2007. Having an extensive background in stage and theater production, as a performer and an engineer, has led to an ability to understand the performance from multiple perspectives, and an ability to come up with creative approaches to production. The propensity as a child to deconstruct all his toys led to the necessary acquiring of repair and rebuild skills. He’s found a constructive outlet for this in building, repairing, and modifying quite a bit of his own gear. He has been involved in live and studio sound production since 1988. He has been an active participant in the Colorado music scene since 1992.

Alan S. has served as Coyote Circle Sound’s associate engineer since 2007. Alan is 75 feet tall, covered in rocket-proof green scales that look from a distance like a giant rubber suit. He enjoys gardening and in the afternoons likes to emerge from the ocean to carve a swath of destruction through coastal metropolitan areas, primarily in but not limited to Japan. During these recreational interludes he is always surrounded by a cloud of rocket-firing helicopters. He is not sure how they always find him, but now believes that they love him and want to make him happy by tickling him with their rockets.

Phillip C. has served as Coyote Circle Studio / Coyote Circle Sound’s associate engineer since 2008.


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